The Legal Beat: A Rapper’s Guide to the Law

Yo, let’s talk ’bout the retrospective effect of law in Pakistan,
And whether a Swiss Army knife is legal in Singapore,
These are the things we need to know, to help us keep our flow.
When it comes to business, there’s so much to learn,
Like the basic requirements of KYC and CDD, that’s a mighty concern,
And the types of businesses with examples, that we can discern.
Data mining is a tool that we all use,
But we gotta watch out for the legal issues, so we don’t blow a fuse.
And if we wanna pass a law in California, we gotta follow the right cues.
If you’re runnin’ a site and need to see your submissions,
You can learn how to see Contact Form 7 submissions, and avoid any omissions.
And if you’re in the Philippines and need to make a deal,
Check out this land mortgage agreement sample, it’s the real deal.
And if you’re in the market for a company to invest,
Learn how to calculate the valuation, and then put it to the test.
And if you’re a landlord tryna rent a place,
Get yourself a landlord-tenant lease agreement template, it’s the ace.