The Challenges of Online Board Meetings


Online board meetings eliminate one of the most significant obstacles to participation and attendance: time. Meetings are less frequent and board members can attend more frequently. This alone boosts attendance and decreases the risk of missing crucial decisions. However, it’s crucial to understand that managing an online board meeting has its own difficulties.

In-person meetings allow participants to read body expressions and facial expressions, which is difficult to accomplish in a virtual meeting. It’s also a challenge to keep board members from remote locations engaged. For example, board members may feel hesitant to speak up in meetings if they don’t believe their voice will be heard. Even if they do however, their voice could be drowned out by other members or background noise.

Other challenges when it comes to online board meetings are poor audio quality and inconsistency of video conferencing software. It is crucial to select a video-conferencing platform that is secure, accessible, easy to use, and comes with numerous features that can benefit your business. Ask your board members if they would like to test the platform prior to the online board meeting. This will help you avoid any technical issues.

Another issue is keeping the meeting on track. Limiting the length of the discussion can aid. It is recommended to establish a time limit and an end-point for each item. You could, for instance assign a participant as the leader for each topic on the agenda or assign an amount of time for each item. Before moving on to another item, the goal is to arrive at an announcement or come up with ideas.