The Associate Degree in Business Managing Technology by COTC


Today, corporations expect more efficiency and reliability using their company technology function. They want  it to offer new benefit that supports the business, and at scale. Technology business management (TBM) is the way to carry out this goal. It is just a strategic framework that allows THIS to align with business aims, and to effectively manage costs by comprehending the impact of their spending, intake and capability on the bottom lines.

The most significant benefit for TBM is clear decision making, in particular when it comes to resource allocation and adherence for the financial goals of the firm. In addition , the framework allows the THAT department to learn how their activities affect the company’s core areas and ideal results. It will help IT management reposition their very own division from cost center to profit enabler.

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The link degree in company management technology at COTC is designed to make students for a variety of roles in small companies. It teaches the essential skills of organizing, organizing and supervising. College students learn about business administration, recruiting, marketing and entrepreneurship in the classroom and through hands-on learning experiences and internships. This program can be completed either or perhaps or full-time, and in a hybrid format or totally online.