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Full Service payroll processing, tax payments and quarterly/annual filings. Our services are designed to grow with your business. You get all of the expertise of having us on your team at a price that makes sense for your business as it grows.

How much should a bookkeeper charge?

To help answer some of your burning questions, take a look at a few average rates: The average hourly wage for a bookkeeper in the U.S. is $22 per hour. CPAs typically charge $200 – $250 per hour. Top bookkeepers in major cities may charge $500 per hour (or more).

On average, individual tax preparation services cost $242, and prices typically range from $137- $454. However, many factors can impact how much an accountant will charge you for tax assistance. For an accurate price estimate, request quotes from several certified public accountants (CPAs) near you.


Very prompt and detailed responses to all requests. Jay was kind enough to call me on a Sunday. I have been trying for months to get some answers regarding an overseas small business I inherited , tax implications, laws, and several other situations, including ones here the states. He was very patient and was able to provide some clarification and was of great assistance.

They have been doing our family’s taxes since the last 4 years. Shamsher is a really great guy to work with. They made the experience Bookkeeping Anchorage of tax filling very easy and ensures you get the maximum refund. I would recommend their services to everyone without any doubt.

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In standard taxable investments, reporting capital gains and losses is straightforward. However, IRA does not recognize losses or gains. In fact, the only way you can deduct losses in IRA is after withdrawing all the funds in the account and with a good reason. The reason, in this case, is non-deductible funds which are minimal, if any, in traditional IRAs. Your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number expires in three years unless used even once. ITIN allows people to cooperate with US laws.

  • Your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number expires in three years unless used even once.
  • The IRS explains that CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents are all allowed to legally represent their clients before the IRS.
  • Jagdish is very professional when doing taxes.
  • He is kind enough to answer my questions and provided some valuable suggestions.
  • Always on top of things , always on time.
  • Despite her busy schedule, she accommodated us and helped us file taxes on time.

They gave me enough time while filing my taxes. They provided advice that saved me taxes on my stock options, RSU’s, and with my foreign tax reporting for India assets and bank accounts. Please don’t waste your time with other CPA’s because no one gives advice.

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I would blindly recommend the firm time and again to organizations that have collaborated with us for their accounting needs. According to the American Institute of CPAs, certified public accountant (CPAs) financially advise individuals, big companies and small businesses to help them reach their financial goals. For example, they can consult you on taxes and other accounting needs. So happy to get professional tax planning services for my returns.

What is difference between accounting and bookkeeping?

The purpose of bookkeeping is to maintain a systematic record of financial activities and transactions chronologically. The purpose of accounting is to report the financial strength and obtain the results of the operating activity of a business.

Accountants’ rates vary based on their education, licenses, experience, and the work for which they are being hired. Hourly rates can range as widely as $40 per hour to $300 or more per hour, depending on your geographic location and the accountant. Check out the average hourly rate for accounting services in your region.

Accountants do not automatically have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation unless they have passed the Uniform CPA Examination and received the proper license. CPAs are also eligible to represent clients before the IRS if audit support is required, while a non-CPA accountant is not. Academic background, years in the field and professional reputation all can affect an accountant’s rates.

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He is kind enough to answer my questions and provided some valuable suggestions. Thank you Jagdish for filing my personal tax returns within in couple of hours after contacting you. Very rarely, you find a CPA and tax accounting practice that actually gives advice. I had such a bad experience with some of the CPA that advertise on the radio. The hardest part of any CPA practice is to give time to its customers, and that’s what NRI tax group does.